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Industry Endorsements

“Shane has directed both single and multi-camera projects for me, I am happy to recommend him for any of your productions.”


Sean McNamara

Executive Producer

Brookwell McNamara Entertainment

“I’ve worked with Shane for the better part of 25 years. He has directed and edited many projects for Perfect World Entertainment and Smoking Gun Productions. Shane is always able to bring a lot of production value to each project regardless of budget. I personally don’t think there is a genre or style of production Shane wouldn’t be comfortable artistically tackling.”

Jamie Brown
Perfect World Entertainment
Smoking Gun Productions

“I've worked with Shane for over 10 years on various commercial shoots. He's an outstanding director with a keen sense of the creative process. His knowledge of lighting, cameras and editing all add to his overall skill as a director.”


John E. Goldhammer

Executive Producer


“Shane has been working with our organization for over 15 years now. As a director, he has great communication skills and a discriminating eye on how to get the job done.”


Cesar Martinez


WCK Full Rules Muaythai televised events

“Shane demonstrated the highest level of professionalism with his peers, his artistic choices were phenomenal. His communication skill with the actors helped bring out the best performances on those films.”


Iyad Hajjaj

Executive Producer

Missing Peace Pictures

“I've acted for Clint Eastwood on a few of his films, and Shane's directing style is very much like Eastwood's. He knows what he wants, shoots what he needs for the edit, and works well with the actors to get performances just right.”

Art Bonilla



“It’s a pleasure working with Shane. He works really well with the cast and crew. He doesn't over shoot scenes because the edit is already in his head before the camera rolls.”

Peter Ozarowski

Director of Photography

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